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861 Harold Place Suite 207

Chula Vista, Ca 91914


(We used to be located on Kuhn Drive and moved to this location in December 2012)


The best way to reach us is by phone or email if classes are not in session. Please be sure to visit our FAQ page.             


Phone: 619-407-7223



Nov 2 - Purple Belt Kyu Focus

              6:15pm - 7pm


Nov 4 - Competition Team Training 

                6:15pm - 7pm


Nov 9- Competition Team Training

              8am - 10am


Nov 16 - Competition Team Training 

                6:15pm - 7pm


Nov 17 -  Promotion Test 



Nov 19 - Holiday Routine

               All youth 6pm - 7pm

               All Adults 7pm - 8pm


Nov 20 - Holiday Routine

               All youth 6pm - 7pm

               All Adults 7pm - 8pm


Nov 21 - Holiday Routine

               All youth 6pm - 7pm


Nov 22 & 23 - NO CLASSES

                       Happy Thanksgiving!


Nov 30- Competition Team Training 

                6:15pm - 7pm 

Benefits of Eastlake Karate

Special Offers

  • We preserve the traditional aspect of this Okinawan art.
  • Students learn Japanese terminology
  • Discipline
  • Learn Importance of Honor & Respect
  • Heart Healthy Fitness
  • Increase Coordination & Focus
  • Online Access to view Student's Progress
  • Free Wifi
  • Separate Parent Viewing Area
  • Two Training Areas




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Okinawa Ryuei Ryu Karate Kobudo Organization

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