Eastlake Karate Special Features:




  • SPECIALTY CLASSES - kobudo (weapons), competition team, Mini Kids (ages 4-5) 6 week sessions, kyu focus classes, and private lessons


  • FREE TRIALS to make sure we are the right school for you and your schedule


  • FREE uniform with sign up


  • FREE WiFi use


  • Traditional karate is taught and we teach techniques and commands in Japanese


  •  Two separate training floors


  • Separate parent viewing area to reduce distractions to students but still allows parents to watch class


  • Separate changing room for added convenience


  • Eastlake Karate Pro Shop for all your karate needs


  • Student self-service check-in system


  • Parent/Student online access to track student's progress and achievements

We offer a FREE trial so you can see if we are a right fit for you.





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