Anthony Arashiro started training Ryuei Ryu in 1995 under Tomohiro Arashiro Kyoshi. He received his Shodan (first-degree black belt) in 2001 and in 2009 he received his Ni-Dan.


Anthony began to assist his father in the instruction of Ryuei Ryu at Eastlake Karate in 2011, and learn the way of the karate business from Edward Teeple. In August of 2012 Arashiro Kyoshi gave his part ownership of the dojo to him.


Received his Information Technology Business Degree in 2018.


Anthony Arashiro currently works as an IT Service Manager for Agile Six Applications, Inc.

Tournament Achievements (Junior):

  • 2004 1 Silver in Frankfurt, Germany (WKC)
  • 2006 3 Golds in Virginia (Junior Olympics)
  • 2006 1 Bronze, 5 Silver, 1 Gold Ft. Lauderdale, Florida(National Championships)
  • 2006 3 Gold Las Vegas, Nevada (Ozawa Cup)
  • 2008 1 Silver Okinawa, Japan (Sakumoto Karate Festival)

Tournament Achievements (Adult):

  • 2008 Participated in the World Karate Federation in Tokyo, Japan with his older brother Brandon Arashiro and his teammate Gakuji Tozaki 
  • 2009 1 Gold Las Vegas, Nevada (U.S. Open)
  • 2009 1 Bronze in Curacau, South America (Pan-American Karate Federation)
  • 2009 1 Gold Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (NKF Nationals)
  • 2010 1 Silver Las Vegas, Nevada (U.S. Open)


Edward Teeple has been training in martial arts for over 25 years. He began his martial arts training in Shotokan, and began learning Ryuei Ryu with Tomohiro Arashiro, the Pan-American Chief Instructor, in 2000.


He taught students alongside Tomohiro Arashiro around the Eastlake community in high school gyms and afterschool programs beginning in 2002 before he opened a dojo with Tomohiro Arashiro in 2004 on Kuhn Drive in Eastlake of Chula Vista, CA. Together they instructed students for 8 years at that location. He began his partnership with Anthony Arashiro in 2012, and has been continuing to instruct students at our new location on Harold Place. 


Edward Teeple currently teaches our beginner, intermediate, and adult students. 


Aside from his martial arts career, Mr. Teeple is one of the Founders of Agile Six Applications, Inc. and Joint Engineering Technologies.  He is married to Jennifer Teeple, the Eastlake Karate part owner and Manager, and together they have 5 children that also train and assist in classes at Eastlake Karate.

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