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"My kids have been coming to Eastlake Karate for a few years now. I love that the instructors are very humble and down to earth. They do not boast about what rank they are or about what medals they've earned although I've seen their videos and they do compete in high caliber tournaments and are high class athletes. They are very down to earth, which makes the atmosphere very friendly and family-oriented. 

My kid's behavior and attitudes have changed drastically since coming to Eastlake Karate. They have learned that respect, discipline, and responsibility should be exercised all the time and not just at the dojo. They also teach students great work ethic and integrity because they make sure the students earn everything, not only at the dojo during training but at home as well. 

Another plus is that my kids also learn a lot of traditional Okinawan values. The humbleness and respect that the instructors show rubs off on the students. They also learn a lot of Japanese because the terms, commands, and responses are taught in Japanese. I love that they are exposed to the culture!

I really appreciate the instructors and all of the staff for creating such a wonderful place for my kids to learn the art of karate and important life long traits that are necessary to be a good citizen. Highly recommended!"


-Ashley R., 2013



"My Son and Daughter love everything about Eastlake Karate. They made my Kids feel welcomed from day one. Not only are they learning the fundamentals, they are having alot of fun. The instructors are Awesome!"


-Nick P., 2013



"I grew up with traditional martial arts, and when we moved to San Diego we were so lucky to find this place. As mentioned this is a Family Dojo based on the core traditions of Okinawan Karate with out all the hype and unnecessary add-ons. If you are looking for top notch, professional instruction with a personal, focused teachers this is the place for you. After having my two oldest daughters here for over 3 years I have noticed a big improvement in our life. I can't say enough good things about The Arashiro Family as well as Mr. Teeple and family. Keep it up we all thank you!"


-Lou F., 2013



"We have been so blessed to have found Eastlake Karate. My son and daughter have the privilege of training under the Arashiro family. Eastlake Karate is a unique and rare gem as this school and it's instructors stay true to the Ryuei Ryu art form and core traditions of Okinawan Karate. If you are looking for a dojo that offers a genuine curriculum with out the unnecessary commercialism that many other schools now lean towards, then check out Eastlake Karate. We are sadly moving away from the San Diego area and the #1 thing that saddens our entire family the most is leaving behind this awesome dojo and it's incredible instructors and staff...we will miss this school more than the San Diego sunshine and beaches!!"


-Cherilynn C., 2013




“I grew up loving martial arts. I was a black belt in Taekwondo, Hap-Kido, and Aikido.  One of my joys of having my children was to one day get them excited about martial arts.  Choosing the right school and master for me was essential. Our son Eli,  now 6 years old, began having ticks and was hyper active.  My wife and I, after getting advice from doctors and family, knew it was time to search for our first karate school.  We chose karate because of its rules and foundation with systems, pride, and respect.  We found Okinawa Ryuei Ryu Karate Do also known as Eastlake Karate. Their sensei and staff are above and beyond karate. They are like family and care about our children.  When you find the right karate school, you have found your family.  Eli has improved tremendously with his ticks, he is no longer hyper-active, and he is more centered and structured from the discipline learned at the dojo. On top of everything, he is now speaking a little Japanese.  From our family to yours, give your children value and come join us.  By the way, our son Eduardo, now 4 years old, can't wait to get home from school to go learn his katas. Thank you Sensei!”


-Jose G., 2010

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