Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our FAQ's to answer any questions you may have. If you have additional questions or concerns that are not addressed here, you are welcome to contact us at any time. 

What should I wear for my free trial?

Please wear something you feel comfortable moving around in such as sweat pants, yoga pants, or knee length shorts and a t-shirt during your free week trial period. (No skirts or dresses permited)


No shoes are worn during the class, but please show up to class wearing them. We have cubbies where your belongings may be placed during class, but please leave any valuables at home. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. No jewelry is permitted during class for the safety of all students. 


Please come about 10 minutes early for your inital free trial. It can be very intimidating coming into a full class as a new student. Coming early will help your student come into the class WITH the other students, relieving some inital tension and stress for a new student. 

What style of karate do you teach?

We teach Ryuei Ryu Karate which originated from Okinawa, an island off the coast of Tokyo, Japan. Please see Ryuei Ryu History for more information about our traditional style. 

If I have previous martial arts experience, do I need to start from a white belt?

Every dojo (martial arts school) and style of martial arts is different. What you may have learned in one dojo may not meet our requirements. Our instructors will determine what level and grade the student should be placed at. 

I have a gi (uniform) from another dojo. Can I wear it?

We wear a traditional, white gi during training. When you come in for your free trial, we recommend wearing shorts or sweat pants and a tshirt - something you can move around comfortably in. (No dresses or skirts permitted)


You will earn your own traditional, white gi during your first two weeks in class. 

How often do you have promotion tests?

There are 10 standard kyus (grades) before you reach a black belt rank. Eastlake Karate follows that traditional standard. Students will only test when the student meets the requirements and our instructors approve. The frequency in which a student will test is dependent on the student.


We have approximately five to six promotion tests during the year. Your student will not be required to participate in all or any of these tests, but will be invited to promote if eligible. We follow our motto, "Always Earned, Never Given."

Why do your green and brown belts stay the same for several levels?

Ryuei Ryu green and brown belts have several levels, but do not change in appearance such as adding stripes or colors. This is done under the humble notion that change is not always on the outside, but comes from within. Regardless of what grade/rank anyone is, everyone is to offer the same courtesy and respect as they would each other. To view our grades, please visit Ryuei Ryu kyus.

Do you require students to participate in tournaments?

We offer participation in AAU and PATMA sanctioned tournaments, but do not require students to participate in them. Students that participate in tournaments can gain experience in a competitive environment.


Tournaments offer 3 types of events: kata (forms), kobudo (weapons), and kumite (sparring). Students have a choice to compete in one, two, or all events. If you are interested in participating in a tournament, please view our tournament calendar to view upcoming tournaments.  

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