How to Tie an Obi (belt)




Fold your belt in half with the ends together to find the center. Place the center of the belt on stomach just below your navel.





Pull the belt across your belly and to the back.





Take the belt on your right side and cross it over the belt on your left side. Pull both ends around to the front. Bring both belts to the center of belly.






Even the belt all the way around. The belt should not be twisted





Cross the right side of the belt over the left.





Take the right side of the belt and tuck it under the section already around your waist.





Pull tight.





Take the top end of the belt (or the left side now) and bend it over the right side.





Continue to loop the left side under the right side and up and through the hole (now formed by the belt already around your waist and the right side of the belt) up to make the knot.  Pull the knot tight making sure that both ends are the same length.




If done correctly, the knot should form an arrow shape pointing to your right and both ends are the same length.


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